What Should Be Included In A Restaurant Cleaning Checklist?

Most restaurants, as a policy, issue uniforms to their staff, which prevents the cross contamination of food. If staff are allowed to wear their normal day to day clothing while preparing and serving food, it could get contaminated with bacteria, dust, fur and dirt from the outside world, which is why kitchen staff and servers are issued with uniforms, and such items as hats and chef aprons. Even front of house staff are given server aprons, and at times even bib aprons which cover their entire body, to ensure that the food served in the restaurant is clean and hygienic, making sure that customers won’t fall ill after consuming it.

There are areas in a restaurant which should be cleaned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, with deep cleaning done by a professional cleaning company at least once every six months. This applies to both the front and back of house, and it is best to give such responsibilities to specific staff members so that there is someone accountable for it at all times. However, keeping the work area clean and sanitized should be the responsibility of all staff working at the restaurant, since closure of the business will mean that they will be out of a job.

One of the best ways to make sure that everything is being cleaned properly, without any areas being missed out, is to have a cleaning checklist. Creating a cleaning checklist makes it easier for the staff to do a better job, as well as for management to monitor the work, and there are no excuses which people can give for not keeping things clean according to procedure. So, what are the things that should be included in a restaurant cleaning checklist?

For starters, checklists should be made for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning, and staff assigned to both supervise and carry out the work.

For the front of house, the cleaning checklist should include the following.

Daily Cleaning:
Wipe clean the walls.
Clean and sanitize tables.
Wipe down and refill (if required) the condiments and salt and pepper shakers.
Wipe down all counters.
Clean seats and benches.
Run cloth napkins, tablecloths, bib aprons and wait staff aprons through the washing machine or put them to be laundered.
Vacuuming carpets.
Take out trash and sent the relevant items for recycling.
Clean the interior and exterior of all the trash and recycling bins.
Sweep and mop the floors.
Clean and sanitize restroom surfaces.
Disinfect toilets and ensure air freshener is placed.
Wipe down bathroom sinks.
Empty out feminine hygiene product bags.
Take out the bathroom trash.
Sweep and mop the restroom floors.
Refill soaps and sanitizers and paper rolls.

Weekly Cleaning:
Dust and wipe down light fixtures and other fittings.
Wash glass windows and doors.
Disinfect door handles.

Monthly Cleaning:
Dust or vacuum any decorations or wall art.
Dust or vacuum curtaining or other window treatments.
Check ceiling for cobwebs.
Wash and clean walls thoroughly.

For the back of house, the cleaning checklist should include:

Daily Cleaning:
Wipe down splashes on walls.
Clean equipment making sure to clean the underneath of each: grill, griddle, range, flattop, fryer.
Change foil lining on griddle, range and flattop.
Wipe down smaller equipment: coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, meat slicers.
Disinfect prep area surfaces using surface sanitizing chemicals
Clean dispenser heads in soda fountains, and the tips of the soda guns.
Sweep walk-in refrigerators and storage areas.
Wash the utensils, small wares, flatware, and glassware and let them air dry overnight.
Wash rags, towels, chef aprons, and uniforms, or put them to be laundered.
Refill soap dispensers and replace paper towel rolls.
Clean and sanitize sinks.
Take out the trash and send relevant items for recycling.
Disinfect the waste disposal area and clean the trash cans.
Sweep and mop the floors with floor care supplies and disinfectant.

Weekly Cleaning:
Clean ovens, including walls, doors, and racks.
Wash and sanitize refrigerators and freezers.
Sinks and faucets should be delimed.
Boil out the deep fryer.
Clean any anti-fatigue mats.
Use drain cleaner on the floor drains.

Monthly Cleaning:
Wash behind the hot line to prevent clogging.
Remove built-up grime from coffee and espresso machines by running cleaning and sanitizing chemicals through them.
Clean and sanitize the ice machine.
Clean and sanitize freezer.
Clean refrigerator coils to remove dust.
Empty grease traps.
Washing and cleaning walls and ceiling to remove grease buildup.
Washing and cleaning vent hoods.
Replace pest traps.

By following a comprehensive checklist on what should be cleaned at the restaurant, can ensure that you always have a clean and hygienic environment conducive to food preparation and serving. It is also important that the food in the restaurant is stored in a proper manner, to prevent cross contamination, with properly labeled containers. Freezers and coolers should be checked daily to ensure that the different types of food are being stored in the right manner.

How Do Hot And Cold Environments Impact Case Sealing?

Manufacturers and packaging line workers know that the temperature at which a case sealing operation occurs has an impact on the success – or failure – of a carton seal. This application temperature – the temperature at which packaging tape is applied – is important to consider, as extreme hot and cold temperatures can negatively affect the integrity of many tapes.

In the food and beverage industries, case sealing is often done in cold environments due to the need to keep carton contents refrigerated. When the application temperature is near or below freezing, many packaging tapes fail to properly adhere to corrugated surfaces. This occurs because packaging tape requires wipe down force in order for the adhesive to penetrate into the substrate of the carton, and adhesives that are not formulated to perform in cold temperatures tend to become brittle and lose their stickiness in low temperatures. In cases where tape is applied in a comfortable temperature but stored or transported in a much colder temperature – this is referred to as the service temperature – the tape can flag or become loose over time, subjecting the contents to pilferage or damage.

While it is not as common of a complaint in packaging operations, extreme heat can cause some packaging tapes to fail due to shrinking of the backing and pulling away from the substrate of the carton. This is especially true when tape is stored in a very hot environment for an extended period of time before being shipped to its destination.

For many manufacturers, case sealing in extreme cold or hot temperatures can’t be avoided, but choosing a packaging tape that is engineered for reliable performance in those harsh environments will reduce the need for reworks caused by tape failure, saving time and money. Read your tape’s recommended usage and temperature range to determine if it is the best fit for your application.

Glossary Of Kitchen Slang Used By Chefs

If you are just starting out your career in the culinary arts in a commercial kitchen, then you must certainly be proud to be wearing your fancy tailored kitchen shirts and hats, and looking forward to the day when you can make the transition into one of those all-hallowed chef whites or fancy chef coats and the toque. It is a long journey though from the time you start culinary school, become an apprentice, and work your way to the top of the kitchen hierarchy.

When starting work in a commercial kitchen, one of the first things you should make yourself familiar with is the kitchen jargon (or slang) used by chefs, because without knowing this you won’t be able to understand your instructions or what is happening around you, making your work even more difficult than it already is.

Here are some important terms that you should know to make your way in a commercial kitchen.

A La Minute – This is a French term translated to “on the minute”, and means that the food is freshly prepared, and not part of a large batch that had been prepared earlier in the day.
All Day – This is a term used to describe the total number of orders of a certain dish, when combining all the order tickets issued.
Behind – A kitchen is a very crowded place with many people running around. This term is generally used when you are passing behind another person, in order to prevent a collision.
Chit – This is another name used for the Order Ticket.
Covers – The number of people being seated or served in the dining area.
Dead Plate – This term is used to describe a dish that cannot be served because it was either prepared incorrectly or the customer has sent it back. Cook and kitchen staff usually eat off of dead plates.
Dying on the Pass – When a dish has been kept on the window for too long and will soon become unfit to serve is known as one that is dying on the pass.
Deuce – A table at a restaurant that seats only two people.
Fire – Firing is when servers enter a table’s order into the POS system and send it to the kitchen. Firing too may orders at once is considered to be bad etiquette on the part of the server.
Flash – When a dish needs to be reheated really quick the chefs flash it in the char boiler on high heat. This is necessary if the dish seems under cooked or has been waiting too long on the window.
Floor – The floor is what the dining room is referred to as in the jargon of restaurants and chefs.
Heard – This is how kitchen staff will respond to a chef to indicate that they have understood their orders from him.
In the Weeds – This means that a person in the kitchen is very busy and is not able to keep up with their work.
Kill It – To overcook something in the kitchen is to kill it, such as when it comes to steak or chicken.
Low Boy – Low Boy is another name given for under-counter refrigerators.
Mise – This is a shortened form of the phrase Mise-en-place, meaning “everything in its place”.
On the Fly – When a dish is required on the fly, it means that they need it in double quick time.
On the Line – This refers to an area behind the kitchen window where the chefs do their cooking, and will include a workspace and the equipment they need to cook.
Pass – The pass in the area in front of the line where the cooked dishes are kept for the servers to pick them up.
The Rail – This is a special line above the window where the order tickets are placed by the servers, and they can be easily read by the kitchen staff.
Run the Dish – To run the dish means to deliver a specific dish to the table.
Running the Pass – In every kitchen there is one staff member in the kitchen who is responsible for calling out the order tickets and ensuring that they are completed. This is called running the pass.
SOS – The term SOS in used to mean Sauce on the Side.
Stretch It – A term used when they need to make ingredients last as long as possible.
Waxing a Table – When someone is waxing a table, it means that they are providing special treatment for that table.
Two Top, Three Top etc – This term is used to refer to the number of people that can be seated at each table, whether two or three or four or five etc.
86 – An item is referred to as being 86ed when the kitchen has run out of it and are not able to make it anymore. During such a time it is important to inform this to the servers so that they can refrain from taking orders for it.

As you can see there is a lot to learn if you are just starting out in the culinary world, and it is best to learn these early so that you know what is going on in the kitchen and what instructions are being given to you by your Head Chef.

Voice Projection and Presentations

What does your voice say about you?

Learning how to master your voice can help you to make a lasting impression in every aspect of your life. And yet, most of us have never thought about how we can improve our impact through speech.

Whether it is getting your opinion across in meetings, giving compelling presentations, or just being more influential in a social setting, your voice plays an essential role in commanding the attention of your listeners.

Many people say that public speaking is their number one fear, outranking death and divorce. Our anxiety about speaking in public may prevent us from reaching our fullest potential since we may try to avoid situations that could advance our career or personal goals. Even experienced performers can experience stage fright; the key is knowing how to manage those emotions in any context, so that the ‘real you’ can shine through.

Speaking well is a learned skill

We tend not to think about the way we speak in our every day lives. Speech becomes involuntary; we forget about delivery as we focus on the content of what we are saying. The first and most fundamental step is simply to become conscious of our good and bad speech habits.

Are you mumbling, as though you lack confidence in what you’re saying?

Are you rushing through your words too quickly, perhaps due to a subconscious fear that your partner is disinterested and wants to go do something else?

Is your voice too quiet, signaling submissiveness, or too loud, suggesting aggression?

Only you can assess whether your voice is portraying the person you want to be. Try using a tape recorder to record yourself speaking so that you can get a better idea of the way you sound to others. Don’t worry if your voice sounds strange to you at first! This is normal, because we are not accustomed to hearing ourselves. The tape will still be helpful in analyzing what you like and don’t like about your speaking voice.

What makes a compelling speaking voice?

The fundamentals of powerful speech are quite straightforward. It just requires practice! A compelling voice:

· Sounds relaxed

It helps if you can actually feel relaxed (more on this later), but in the meantime, try to determine whether you are showing any of the telltale signs of stress when you speak, such as feeling short of breath, flushing, stumbling over words, or losing your train of thought.

· Pronunciation is clear

Clarity of speech is important. If you mumble your words people are likely to think you are not sure of what you’re saying, or that you lack confidence. Professional actresses all practice elocution exercises to improve the clarity of their speech. Try some from the list on the next page!

· Speed is controlled

Rushing through your words makes it clear to your audience that either you can’t wait for this conversation/ speech to be finished, or you suspect that they can’t wait. In most cases, err on the side of too slow rather than too fast, because we typically think that we speak more slowly than we really do. Natural speech will vary slightly in speed. For example, try to insert a longer pause just before or just after you introduce a new idea. This gives people time to absorb what you are saying, and tends to leave a stronger impression.

· Tone is varied

Our tone of voice will impact whether or not our audience believes we are sincere. A monotone voice may leave them doubting our motives, or they may perceive us as boring even if the content of what we are saying is very stimulating.

When we speak naturally, we change our tone of voice in accordance with what we are saying. This makes us sound more dynamic and is key to holding peoples’ attention. Try raising or lowering the tone of your voice in order to emphasize an important point, or to convey your passion about the subject matter.

· Smile and be cheerful

Your voice will instinctively sound more natural and relax if you smile now and then while you are speaking.

Practice integrating these techniques

In order to make these powerful speaking techniques feel like second nature to us, it’s important that we first try to adopt them in our everyday lives – in the supermarket, at work or school, when speaking with friends. Aim for gradual change, focusing on one new aspect of speech every day, until you start to feel a difference. Then, when it matters most, you will remember what it felt like to give a compelling speech.

Overcoming anxiety

Once you begin to feel the results of your improved speaking technique, it’s time to focus on higher stake situations. Anxiety can sometimes leave us tongue-tied, but there are many effective methods of relaxation that can reduce fear of public speaking.

· Consider the worst case scenario

Chances are, the stakes are lower than you think. What’s the worst that could happen? How likely is this in reality? There are very few public speaking mishaps that are truly disastrous.

· Exercise releases nervous energy

As mentioned before, there are a million and one reasons to exercise, and here is another one – it really is the best way to release nervous energy.

“Sometimes, when I have an important presentation in the afternoon, I will pencil in an hour at lunchtime to work out at the gym or go for a run. When I’m really worried, it’s the only thing that will help me to get the anxiety out of my system.”

- Sarah K., Fund Manager

· Visualization

One of the most important tools you can use to enact any change in your life is to visualize success. Replace negative thoughts by imagining in as much detail as possible what it will feel like when you achieve your goal! Picture the setting, the faces you will see, the words you will hear yourself saying and the way you will sound – clear, confident, poised and polished. Most importantly, picture your audience smiling and nodding as they listen to you speak. We can never fully control the reception we will receive, but if you expect the worse, the audience will subconsciously pick up on your negativity and respond in a more negative way. Do yourself a favour and expect the best.

· Breathing Exercises

It’s important to keep practicing the perfect posture techniques from the previous section, because these will allow you to breathe deeply and help to prevent anxiety. Once your body is aligned and relaxed, think of something that makes you smile, like a loved one, or something amusing that happened earlier in the week. It’s important that you actually smile, because the simple act of smiling sends a message to your brain that you are feeling happy, relaxed and confident, and can help regulate your emotions. Then, place your hands on your abdomen and relax your belly muscles. Take a deep breath and feel the belly fill up with air. Keep inhaling until the middle of your chest is full of air and you feel your rib cage expand. Hold the breath in for a moment, then begin to exhale as slowly as possible. As the air is slowly let out, relax your chest and rib cage. Begin to pull your belly in to force out the remaining breath. Relax your facial muscles as you exhale and feel yourself start to let go of any anxiety. Think to yourself, “I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad you’re here!” Smile, and begin to speak.

The Modern Finishing School eCourse aims to reveal the secrets handed down by generations of ‘high society’ women. We believe that the skills and knowledge that were once enjoyed only by the elite should be available to everyone, regardless of background.

Research has shown that poise and confidence are competitive advantages that are key to accomplishing your goals, whether its gaining a well-deserved promotion, outshining your fellow students in class, or being elected to the Board of the PTA.

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